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Finding and Using Shutterstock Free Images

Are you a struggling non-profit or profit business person, blogger or designer? You will need stock photography in your web design. While the free photos in the Internet may be tempting, you should not succumb to temptation. Free photos scattered all over the Internet comes with a price, just like the Shutterstock – your money and reputation. Thus, Shutterstock becomes one of the best places to get them.

Are you surprised? It is true. Shutterstock, too, offers free photos. Once you have registered to the stock photo agency, you are entitled to its free photos and videos every week. These free creative files include the necessary licenses that allow you to use the files anywhere and anytime. By signing up for free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will not only have access to over 70 million stock files, but also hundreds of thousands more every week.

With plenty of images in Shutterstock, how do you find the best ones for your website, blog or design? Simply enter your keyword in the search bar and the stock site will display high quality images for you. Browse through the deeper pages of the results to find unique images that suit your message or theme. Whatever you need, the stock photo site will provide for you. Here are a few guidelines to help you use the images legally:

  • Copyright. Copyright refers to the legal protection of owners of the original artistic work. It grants the contributor exclusive rights to make copies of their original work. This means it is illegal for anyone else to use the photos without the owner’s permission. If you violate the copyright laws, you may face legal sanctions, such as hefty fines. To save yourself from financial and legal damages, get Shutterstock free photos instead.
  • Limitations. With a Shutterstock license, you can use the images in as many projects for as long as you like. However, you need to consider some limitations imposed by the stock photo agency. When using the free photos, you are not allowed to engage in any behavior that infringes the right of the stock site or any third party. You cannot violate any applicable regulations to access or use the site. Lastly, you cannot abuse, defame harass or threaten the website or any third party.

Shutterstock grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to use and modify visual content all around the world. As long as you adhere to the regulations stated in the terms and conditions of every license type, you do not have to worry about legal risks. You will surely find everything you need for your creative projects. With the choice of keyword or category, you can find the best images and use them to reinforce your message.