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WordPress Image Library: A Few Things You Need to Know

With the increasing number of free images in the internet, you need to know that they may hurt your blog posts more than they could help them. Make sure you compress the images before you upload them. Most of all, be sure to only use only high quality and legally-safe photos. To make things much easier for you, a wordpress image library is what you need. PixelRockstar, for instance, offers optimized images that are inserted to posts automatically.

Here are few things you need to before using photos in your wordpress posts:

  • Don’t use Google search in finding images for your blog posts. If you are doing that, you may be violating someone else’s copyright. A legal complaint may be filed against you and you can end up losing money and damaging your reputation. Instead of downloading and using free images in the internet, get them from a wordpress image library such as PixelRockstar.
  • Take your own screenshot instead of using somebody else’s. If you are blogging about a procedure, take your own screenshots to show how you do it. Do not use other’s screenshot to avoid copyright issues in the future.
  • Consider creating your own images. If you think that a wordpress image library does not meet your creative needs, you can create your own professional image for your blog posts or social media. However, this may take more of your time.

If you are on a budget or if you don’t have enough time to create your own images, we recommend using a wordpress image library. You will have millions of choices to complete your projects. PixelRockstar, for example, has over 4 million high quality images that is automatically added to your wordpress posts and social media. Make your wordpress posts attractive and social media shareable by clicking this link now!

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